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Jan 23 2009

Our beta site at ISKCON, Bangalore is now a production Site. It is a fully operational site representing a paid license for EDUSPOT. ISKCON webcasts the daily prayers and sermon at about 8:15 A.M. daily on weekdays and at about 9:30 A.M. on week-ends. The webcast link will appear at The webcasts are currently open to the public.

June 01, 2008

Our simple Portal is now ready and can be seen at .

The content that is accessible from the main page is content that was designated Public at the time of recording and content which was selected by the Administrator (using site access Admin password) to be published because it was deemed worthy of viewing by the Public at large.

Content which was designated Private; are accessible by URL and Password sent to the Instructor/Presenter at the time of the recording/web-cast. He/She can forward these to “need-to-know” viewers.

Content which are interrupted recordings or trial recordings can be sent to the Recycle bin by the Administrator and purged from the hard disk. Eventually we will provide different levels of Administration access so that content owners can do some of their own administration.

As of right now, all the content designated for public access on our portal requires a connection bandwidth of 170 Kb/s or more for satisfactory viewing and they need to be viewed with Windows machines using IE or Firefox as browsers.

Our Portal software can become your own customized Portal if your organization buys into our technology and if you wish your content to be on your own servers. In such a case, all the content will be under your control, be hosted by the ISP of your choice or be kept behind your organizational firewalls or those of your customers.

Right now we are working on optimizing our content to run in low bandwidth situations such as those provided to residential customers in India where bandwidth can fall to less than 100Kb/s. Under these conditions, the video will not be as crisp and clear as the content coded at a higher bit rate but that is the compromise to be made to be able to achieve universal and extended access. Combining this with ability to see slides separately and simultaneously further complicates issues but we are on the threshold of solving problems associated with this and you will receive an update shortly when content viewable with low bandwidth connections are accessible on our portal.

Further effort needs to be undertaken to enable content to be coded both at high bit rate and low bit rate to cater for the needs of audience with high speed access as well as low shared high speed access respectively. This increases the CPU load and we will have to use server grade CPU’s at the recording point to provide such a feature.

We will be updating you of our progress in these areas. As you can see, the development of our portal pushes us closer to the point that our solution becomes a complete solution for you or your customers.

In any case, we are so far ahead of competition in all these capabilities that we will be established leaders in this space. We also look forward to hearing about any other requirements/ideas that you may have. We will shortly be addressing a request from Ekalavya personnel that OCR be used to extract text from slides to be able to generate index/content based on the extracted material. 


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